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new york / united states

Our philosophy is simple. To design and deliver beautiful, high-quality apparel made with sustainable manufacturing practices directly to you at an affordable price point.

It all begins with the fabric. We are dedicated to exclusively using fabrics that are 100% organic and eco-friendly for our entire line of clothes. Our talented design and pattern making team consciously utilizes the fabric to its full potential, minimizing waste.

Sustainability is not merely a promise - it is a driving force behind every decision made inside of SiiZU.

When deciding on our manufacturing logistics, our sourcing team intentionally keep the fabric manufacturers and garment factories close to each other in order to minimize the carbon footprint from shipping our materials.

Our merino wool and cashmere sweaters are all sourced and manufactured within Inner Mongolia, while our silk dresses were all manufactured within Suzhou, where our silk was sourced. No flying - no unnecessary pollution.

Beginning in Fall 2016, we have also refreshed our packaging from using reusable poly bag to recyclable paper bag. In our pursuit of eliminating our carbon footprint, every detail matters.

Our sourcing team has traveled extensively in order to partner with some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Many of our providers also manufacture for some of the world’s biggest luxury designer-brand names, helping us in delivering a high level of craftsmanship and quality to you.

Our silk was sourced straight from the birthplace of this luxurious material - Suzhou. Meanwhile, our cashmere came from the Inner Mongolian region, where they produce some of the world’s most sought-after cashmere fabric. Most of our fabric manufacturers work with top global labels.

In the traditional fashion retail system, products are usually marked up by at least 8x by the time they reach the customers as brands pay out various middlemen and tag on additional markups throughout the process.

We never thought that this was a sustainable system. Instead, we have opted for an extra-lean business model that offer our clothes solely online, allowing us to eliminate any unnecessary expenses in delivering beautiful clothing constructed with remarkably luxury fabrics to you.

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