Grey Sheep





Since childhood I have been in contact with the creation of clothing, helping to prepare the cut, running between industrial washing machines, climbing mountains of jeans, sewing cushions for pins in the workshop, ironing, labeling or bagging pants ... feeling the process from its beginning to its end, because my family was in the sector innovating finishing techniques.
Started, in Barcelona, my studies in fashion design and pattern having the good fortune to make the first course parallel Personal Image Consultancy funded by the Generalitat de Catalunya in the EATM school, where I gained knowledge for Image Advice for businesses as well as people on a personal or professional level.
The last two years, once completed the course of As. Personal Image, change to the International School of Fashion where my studies Fashion Design and Pattern end and at the same time make the course Styling, gaining insight Styling for film, theater, television ...
I did an internship in the showroom of Ana Nebot taking stylists, preparing press kits, organizing new collections ...
Also stop by the Barcelona City TV television as an assistant stylist of newscasts nights weekends.
Work as a stylist in ads mall The Machinist in three seasons.
I attended parades Custo for companies where my duties as a stylist were to take care of the outputs of several models in my care.
Subsequently perform work decor -Chill-Out Cafe Luce and I handle the window dressing of several clothing stores.
From there, and from any other distraction that I have initiated various craft projects, which have finally led me to where I am at this very moment, and called .... sIETE cORONAS