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Sidikai is born out of a lifelong passion for design and the belief that it is everyone’s duty to build a better world with the resources we are given.

We believe contemporary fashion should stand on design, innovation and sustainability. Our mission is to change the current fashion model by disrupting every step of the value chain to incorporate Circular Economy values, and all of it while producing an exquisitely designed and craffed product. Our vision is to put this into action towards what should be a common goal for every fashion brand in the world: making every wardrobe sustainable.

Sidikai’s designs exude minimalism and sophistication, with precise patterning and 100% sustainable fabrics in all our garments. Creativity and commitment are perfectly combined, orienting our patterns to a Zero-Waste philosophy, to minimize pre-consumer waste while maintaining a unique aesthetic identity. Manufacture is made-to-order and local, combining experienced workshops with specific pieces being made by social integration projects such as APRAMP, an organization dedicated to giving a second chance to women who have suffered from human trafficking or at risk of social exclusion. At least one piece of the portfolio will always be craffed through social programs, currently being our “Zero-Waste” vest, also a piece that generates no pre-consumer waste. The cycle is closed by an omnichannel approach to distribution aiming to make the sustainable option as accessible as possible to the consumer through our website as well as other physical and digital multilabel stores throughout Europe; and the possibility of recycling or upcycling your Sidikai garment to give it a “second life”.

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