Si Chan

Grey Sheep


macao / china


london college of fashion

Graduation year


Originally from Macau, a small town located in China and graduated from London College of Fashion in 2012 who is a creative, unfashionable, a little bit concept, emotional, nostalgic, pessimistic, determined, easygoing, stubborn, thoughtful, aspiring, tasteful, senseful, sensitive, extreme, want-to-love person and desires to create something which is creative, artistic (if possible), meaningful, performable, storytelling, profound, craftsmanlike, good-quality, NO-FUR, anti-vanity, presentable but little bit non-sense, unique, satisfied, objectively good, admirable, inspiring, valuable, influential, etc. work. He is seeking the balance between self-satisfaction and expression of art and the appreciation of the market and audiences. He wants to express some of his value and try to inspire people to "think" combining with varying media. No matter can audiences get the meaning from his work, he will anyway finish his work in good craft and quality to get the recognition for the clothes.

"I'm creating, not making."

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