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Mesh Knee Socks - Black



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These contoured knee socks are constructed from a fine black mesh and feature visible panelling and a statement frill. An innovative take on a typically uniform item, the sheer mesh creates a grown-up, provocative detail that adds power to any look. Wear these socks with sandals in the summer or peeking out from a pair of ankle boots.

It's about the process of dressing. We dress, it’s a commonality, it grounds us. We observe others. It’s a habitual process, everyone dresses. We want to articulate that conversation, make it conscious. It’s about control. It is the basis of our obsession. We communicate and form groups. I like the idea of groups. It’s a belonging. A way of belonging. But then there’s the competition, the power and striving to be different, better. The separation, the fight. The extremes of dressing. Pushing the style. Commitment to the look, the idea, the want, the need, the aspiration, the obsession. Does this look right?


100% Polyamide

Care Instructions

Do Not Tumble Dry
Hand Wash


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