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Red Skull Silk Scarf



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A silk twill wash scarf hand finished with rolled edges. An essential accessory, a companion, a partner in crime. A witness to all the moments glorious and delightful. A gentle embrace around you that gives you the confidence to be beautiful, to be what you are. The silk your skin is craving is an exquisite touch that will distinguish you among the sea of beautiful people. The scarf, a long forgotten lover whose touch is always to be remembered, a memory with a soul of its own that fills you with beauty. This item is produced in Italy and will be dispatched from Bulgaria.

SILVIYA NERI is a kaleidoscope of silk scarves inspired from antique, modern and surreal worlds. The concept behind it is a simple one: each scarf is a piece of art, a hand made silk painting, equally striking on a wall and the owner's neck. SILVIYA NERI works alongside the best textile printing houses in Italy, with fine manufacturing and long traditions in luxury silk printing. The main aim of the designer is to create a "silk exhibition of oddities." An entertaining diversity of colours, rich imagination and luxury twill silk wash are the secret ingredients of the never ending exhibition of SILVIYA NERI.


100% Twill Silk Wash

Size and fit

70cm x 70cm / 27in x 27in

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