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Mini Symbols Hoop Earrings - Silver



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These earrings where designed and handmade in our studio in Shoreditch, East London. Mercury symbolizes the connection between the High and the Low; Sulphur the omnipresent spirit of life. They have been cast in sterling silver, hand finished and then oxidised.

Alchemy, a transformation. An ancient art, a philosophy, wisdom to make, of some base material, something sublime. From lead to gold, from corrupt to divine, turning to celestial spheres and a protean science to discover, learning from geometry, from raw matter. In a grain of salt, one million atoms, one million souls. We live the future, but where now is our philosopher's stone, our greater understanding of ourselves and the universe? What corners remain unsearched? What too have we forgotten?


Symbols: Sterling Silver
Hoops: Sterling Silver

Size and fit

Hoop: 1.2 mm by 0.2 cm / 0.05 in by 0.08 in
Mercury: 1.1 cm by 0.5 cm / 0.43 in by 0.2 in
Sulphur: 0.8 cm by 0.7 cm / 0.32 in by 0.28 in

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