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Unisex Garden Glitter Straw Cap

Free Worldwide Delivery from Czech Republic - This design is bespoke, and made to order. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for crafting and production. - In Stock

This handmade straw cap is an ideal solution for everyday use for hot summer days and nights. The peak protects you from the sun perfectly and its two cut out parts still let you feel the fresh wind. Sequin details make it glamorous and with a portion of humour you can easily make your outfit very unique. The reedmace straw material is flexible and you can also modify the shape slightly with water. Please note that each piece is an original so every cap will have slightly different sized cut outs.

The zAhrada/gArden collection is about finding the secret place in our own head, our own garden, where we feel comfortable and can become a crazy little kid again. Childhood makes us see the world the way we want to see it. Let's be happy again. Let's be playful. This cap has been featured in magazines and used for a styling in London, NYC, Paris and Prague. The cut out parts symbolise windows into your head and your own world of fantasy. You can also easily wear some funny scarf under the hat - it's all about your fantasy. No borders, just play.


Main: Reedmace
Sequins: Plastic

Care Instructions

Specialist Clean


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