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Vovkun Ring II

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Macabre Gadgets is inspired by the infernal aesthetics of the dark side, which is inherent by the worldview of mankind at all times, epochs and styles, from the early Middle Ages to the progressive postmodernism. Macabre mood of subjects is embodied by cutting-edge materials. For the production of accessories the polymer plastic is used because of the exceptional strength and durability of the material, it is usually used in heavy industry. A part of rings is encrusted with metals (tin) and semi-precious stones. All rings are hand-made.

According to the legend, on the night of the summer solstice, residents of Carpathians committed an ancient pagon rite - they went to the forest to see for a fern flower that bloomed only once a year and only in the night. Legend says the possibilities of this flower can only be compared with the possibilities of the Philosopher's stone. Nevertheless, searching for the flower is dangerous. ALong with the happiness, you can face the danger: demons, forest spirits, evil spirits ... Death is the flip side of the flower. Geometric shapes, organic lines and textures combine, providing and allusion to the mountain landscapes, wild forms of the Carpathian forests, wooden sacral architecture that has its roots in the forms of pagan templed and gothic architecture.


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