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Square Tunic



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Square Tunic is a loose-fitting piece made from stockinet cloth formed of soft folds which can perfectly hide some unwanted figure nuances. It has the same achromatic geometrical design on the front and back. Its minimalistic design is based on abstract geometrical cuts and contains only rectangles in its pattern.

This Square Tunic is a part of The Polyomino Game collaboration which I made (played) together with jewellery designer Tania Hennessy of Aroha Silhouettes from Canada. The rules of the game were precise and simple; each designer was to create seven unique pieces exclusively using combinations of squares. The colour palette was also restricted to black, white, grey and violet. The Polyomino Game began in July 2012 and spanned six months ending in November when the pieces from each designer came together for the first time. The final step in the game was a photoshoot of the complete collection in Moscow. The photoshoot was inspired by a geometric fake reality and the virtual world of the first computer games.


92% Cotton
8% Lycra

Care Instructions

Do Not Tumble Dry
Hand Wash


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