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Poplin Skirt

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Short poplin black skirt, with a high waist and a lots of volume all around the skirt. The hem is asymmetrical with the sides shorter with a tail on the back.

We are all connected. We are action and reaction, we react to provocation, we resist the same forces and we lean on one another. Human interaction lives through gestures, attitudes, cooperation, conflicts and even rivalry. Human Connectivity, a collection by Lara Khoury, was entirely inspired by those dynamics, by this game of action and reaction, of human give and take. The fabric’s ebb and flow, its movement and stiffness, its tension and relief now takes on human characteristics, and is nigh but a game of words and provocation. The collection is reduced to a word, a smile, a worry, an emotion.


100% Cotton

Care Instructions

Do Not Tumble Dry
Hand Wash


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