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Light Green Tutu Skirt

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This high waisted tutu skirt is made of layers upon layers of light tulle. The asymmetrical hem comes with the sides slightly shorter than the front and back, creating a beautifully feminine silhouette and energetic movement.

Inspired by insects, and its incredible physiognomy, 'Insectified' illustrates the metamorphosis of humankind into insects. The massive and complex world submerged with oppression, inequalities, survival, and the uncomfortable thoughts - our minds are haunted, transforming us into living insects. Life is unexpected, nightmares are part of our everyday life causing us to daydream and fascinate for the sake of survival. The edginess of cuts, the roughness of fabrics, the opposing tones of black and white is a reproduction of life’s stiffness in Lara Khoury’s designs. All assorted with the exotic flair of blue, yellow and green, coated with idealisation, fantasy and mystery.


80% Polyester,
20% Silk

Care Instructions

Do Not Tumble Dry
Hand Wash


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