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Symmetric Strategy Head Piece



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The architectural structure of this hat creates a new silhouette considering a woman’s body. It is very light, comfortable and easy to wear for special occasions. It features an elastic which secures it in place around the head.

Jacob Birge's Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Symmetric Strategy, is based on the relationship between the computer, hi-tech world and a human being. The collection responds to the growing social problem of people becoming addicted to the internet and computers replacing reality with virtual life. The collection balances the conflict between deeply individual and personal human approach and cold, precise, and sharp computer processes. To find a proportion between those contradicted approaches, I have created mathematical equations which generate sequences of variables. The mirrored variables were inspirations for the silhouettes of the collection, which creates a hybrid between human and machine. The sequence of variables will be used to generate the sound and image that will be used as the soundtrack during the show, divided into six parts – each outfit will be presented together with sound and visual generated by the same pattern – each pattern will apply to fashion, sound and visual as a whole. An important element is the fact that a human programming machine, uses it as a tool to create a personal statement, so a human element will have a key role, when choosing which sequence will be used in the collection, following the current trends, and looking at the future of fashion. The collection is avant-garde in its structure and new approach, while preserving at the same time fully usable and commercial character. The look of the collection is digitally converted, with straight, architectural cuts, while a digital transformation creates a more sculptural look, against an organic woman’s body.


Knitted Mesh, Metal, Elastic

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