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This black crepe wool top is used as a stand alone piece. It is textured and has a seam in the centre front and two darts on either side at the front which accentuates the shape of the waist. This piece fastens at the back with three magnets. The sleeve lenght is three-quarters and the lining is made of satin making it extremely comfortable to wear.

This top is created with the concept of how ballet dancers must be dressed graciously and how they become these beautiful objects that dance for us. Therefore, the fastening is at the back and whoever wears it will put it on back to front and will need someone to fasten the magnets at the back for them. It is not unlike when women require someone to zip their dress up before heading out. I always liked the idea of playing with femininity and masculinity and this beautiful top is very much of this concept: it is very covered but at the same time very sensual due to its design. You also have the option of leaving one of the magnets unfastened so that a piece will flap over and show the silky satin lining.


Outer: 100% Crepe Wool
Lining: 100% Silk Satin

Care Instructions

Dry Clean


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