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Ngozi Khanga Bodycon Dress

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This printed, short sleeve midi dress features a thigh slit, seam detail and 'maneno' print front panel. This dress is cut with a bodycon fit. The colours include red, green, black and white. Made in Tanzania.

The 'Maneno Mengi' (translated: 'Many Words') print is inspired by the Swahili proverbs and sayings found on the traditional East African khanga. Local women tend to purchase their khangas based on the featured saying rather than its actual print and use these cloths as a means of quiet communication. For this collection, London based label Chichia explores the concept of communication through dress in their dress concept collection. Chichia's signature playful, contemporary and easy to wear silhouettes are realised with a refreshingly vibrant colour palette.


Sleeves and Side Panels: 100% Cotton
Centre Panels: 92% Viscose, 8% Elastane

Care Instructions

Do Not Tumble Dry
Machine Wash


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