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Leather Sleeve Layered Coat



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This leather sleeved coat has a unique structure with layering at the front to give a new silhouette. This was achieved by placing the conventional bodice pattern over the front pattern to make a new layer form. The back pattern replaces the sleeve patterns to create a unique shape of sleeves and armhole line which also gives rise to more space at the shoulder for a comfortable fit.

This collection is indicative of the concept through observation of two different selves of the human. One is the true self, the other a repressed other self of the human caused by external pressure in modern society. The designer has brought these ideas together and developed a new characteristic of pattern cutting by moving pattern pieces to unexpected places where they do not belong. The unfamiliar and unexpected meeting of garment patterns in layers is a juxtaposition and metaphor for finding another self. These concepts have played a great role in the creation of new silhouettes, pushing the techniques of unconventional cutting into new boundaries with a twist on classic menswear tailoring.


Leather (Nubuck)

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