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June Rainbow Mini Dress

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This silk jersey mini dress with billowing sleeves features a unique digital print called 'June'. The print consists of geometric layered elements sitting underneath exotic flowers laid out in a pinstripe pattern on top of a black background.

The Blossoming Fidelity collection is a spiritual journey of transition of cosmic hybridisation and religious rejuvenation within an exotic untamed world. The inspiration originates in the evolution of the sacred structure of DNA, from a cosmic 'essence' revered and ritualised by the ancient Mayans into an emblem of 21st century scientific thought of spiritual harmony. Asudari’s colliding prints, expressed in intricate digital artwork contrasted against 70s inspired silhouettes, bring together geometric elements of mysticism and mathematics, which are fused together into hybridised sci-fi creations that are part winged insects, part tropical flora, presented in a highly stylised kaleidoscopic fashion.


100% Silk

Care Instructions

Do Not Tumble Dry
Hand Wash


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