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shenkar college of engineering design & art

Graduation year


Shira Paz is a fashion accessories & Life style product designer, Specialize in textile fashion accessories, unique scarf necklaces and textile jewelry.
The brand was established in 2012 in Tel Aviv.
Shira paz’s designs are driven by the passion for aesthetics, materials & colors.
Our brand deals with well-known products in a fresh new perspective, through a hands-on experimentation.
We usually creates interesting contrasts between colors & materials, and most important for us is innovation – designing something new, refreshing and unique, both in the usage and the aesthetics.
Beauty in her eyes is a combination of simplicity, functionality, innovation, aesthetics, and high standard of quality.
All of our designs are hand made using ancient traditional methods, what makes every piece unique & one of a kind, and no two are identical.

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