Shiela Youssefi

Grey Sheep


Irvine / united states


Savannah College of Art & Design

Graduation year


Main Manufacturing Countries

united states

I believe that a garment that develops further than what is presumed, is defined by the qualities that go beyond the conventions of fashion. I am passionate about discovering new ways for the beholder to interact and feel an emotional connection to a garment through means of textile and color research. I have a never ending curiosity in questioning, discovering and developing how to make a raw material become a fine art piece, furthermore, I take on great fascination and enjoy developing concepts based on industrial design and furniture design. By finding inspiration in everyday items I take note of their color, and geometric forms that they encompass. When designing garments, I envision a way in which the fabric and the overall silhouette can create excitement, and take the viewer on a journey from concept to final product.

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