shen yao

Black Sheep


taipei / taiwan


department of fashion design, shih chien university

Graduation year


Main Manufacturing Countries


Established and designed by Sheng Yao Huang in autumn of 2015, “shen yao” is a Taipei based designer label.

He believes that as human body is a blank canvas, it’s possible for anything beautiful to be liberally painted on it. Therefore, not confined by traditional gender roles, “shen yao” often borrows elements and silhouettes from all kinds of genders to create high-end, elegant and unique pieces with elaborate cutting and exquisite details.

Due to his distinctive style, less than one year since the label was established, he has showcased collections at world-famous Paris Fashion Trade Show, “Who’s Next” and “Tranoi”, as well as Vancouver Fashion Week. His works were also featured in media from home and abroad, such as VOGUE Taiwan, Harper’s Bazaar Taiwan, ELLE Taiwan, Men’s UNO, Fucking Young! Online, NOT JUST A LABELand Liberty Times…to name a few.

In 2017, he was honorably sponsored by “Asia Fashion Collection”, a fashion incubation project launch by Japanese company PARCO Co.,Ltd and Japanese design school VANTAN, to present S/S 18 runway show in Tokyo Fashion Week and F/W 18 runway show in New York Fashion Week.

You could find “shen yao”collection in indicator select shop in Taipei and Tokyo.