sheila westera

Black Sheep


zürich / switzerland

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Sheila Westera creates unique jewellery to express herself, using her self-invented techniques that have developed over the years. Combining her love of jewellery and her background in History of Art & Architecture, she creates her own wearable art pieces that introduce a totally different outlook on jewellery.

Sheila does not think in terms of seasonal collections, and works with three main collections: “Arty Scenes”, “Conversation Pieces” and “Purely Wired”. Every piece she makes belongs to one of the three collections that all have their own distinctive characteristics. She simply adds new one-of-a-kind pieces to each collection, creating an ongoing process that involves development and the introduction of new styles to each collection. With new photoshoots of her jewellery, she explores different styles and methods of representation of her art.

In 2018, she was asked to exhibit her work during Milan Fashion Week, at a prestigious contemporary jewellery fair. In 2019 she was asked again, and now her work has been recognised as works of art in the wearable art community.

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