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mumbai / india


national intitute of fashion technology, Mumbai

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Shaily Gupta has pursued Bachelors’ in Knitwear Design from National Institue of Fashion Technology, Mumbai (India). Having been a highly driven fashion fanatic, she translates her vision into clothes and ventures into building a brand that provides eclectic, elegant, ultra cool modern occasionwear.

Minimally maximal, experimentally classic, versatile, these would best describe Shaily Gupta’s pieces. The brand is there to satiate your wardrobe’s hunger for modern occasionwear items.
Guided by edginess, sensuality and exuberating elegance, it addresses a global woman, gliding her way through, life. The brand voice talks about letting go & going with the flow and enjoy the ‘present’ as it comes.

All garments come as a result of strong emphasis on hand work and tailoring. excessive attention to detail while working with impeccably good quality knitwear & woven fabrics. The key concepts that the brand works on are multiwearability & zero waste. i.e. not intending to let any fabric scrap go into the trashcan and the ability to wear the same garment in different way, colour, silhouette etc.

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