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london / United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

Shanice Palmer, an artist from South London, currently pursuing an MA in Fashion at the Royal College of Art. She utilises her design skills to capture the imperfect beauty of growing up in an inner-city environment, juxtaposing it with the profound and prophetic interpretations shared by her Jamaican grandmother. Shanice's intention is to bring these golden tales to life, as she is fascinated by the interplay between the realities of migrant city life and the divine insights hidden within cultural heritage.

Shanice's current body of work serves as a testament to the power of storytelling and its potential to shape the future of the black experience, particularly concerning notions of luxury and identity. She firmly believes that by sharing honest expressions and creating spaces for unheard voices to be amplified, a collective consciousness can be tapped into, fostering a sense of community, healing, and empowerment. Engaging with the local and diverse community in Croydon, Shanice has been hosting workshops that impart heritage crafts such as clay mould-making and lost wax casting. These workshops act as catalysts for play, conversation, and exploration, guiding participants towards the co-creation of a new narrative that celebrates shared heritage and amplifies underrepresented perspectives.

Ultimately, Shanice's art seeks to transcend boundaries, challenge conventional norms, and spark meaningful dialogues. It stands as a testament to the transformative power of storytelling—a tool through which a future can be shaped, embracing the boundless possibilities of collective imagination.