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tel aviv / israel


shenkar college of engineering and design

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SHAHAR AVNET is a luxury international fashion & art brand, based in Tel Aviv

The brand is multi-seasonal and dynamic to reflect the diverse and constantly changing world of fashion.

We manufacturer haute couture collections- bridal & evening wear in Tel Aviv, and RTW collections in Tulkarem and by that support Palestinian settlements and economics.

We believe in LOVE and we do our best to work and make fashion by doing good for the humans and the world we live in, The brand takes part in slow fashion.

Shahar derives her inspiration from the fusion of art and fashion, merging the intangible dimension of the mind with the physical body. Her collections are inspired by emotional and mental processes that she goes through in her life, Each collection tells a story from within her soul and life experience.

Shahar believes that as an artform, fashion has the clearest power of expression, therefore her designs vary in color, cut-outs and dimensions.

Shahar believe that beauty is not a particular ideal, but a feeling, that can also be felt thanks to fashion.

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