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The Sergio James label, an intriguing brainchild of designers James Field and Sergio Wonder, was first introduced to the world after a chance meeting of the two young founders in 2010, thanks in part to 'Ellie Owen' designer Leon Curry, who initially brought Sergio and James together.

Conceived to fill a growing void of original and organic brands that are high on chic, durable style without strict restraint to passive trends or popular fashion, Sergio James was created out of a shared passion for art, design, and creative culture, rooted most notably on the foundation of the label's constantly evolving "Jo" concept.

Sergio James regards quality, authenticity, and fine details as the anchors for the brand, with a sole intent of providing a variety of distinct, fresh, and brilliant accessories that cater to a diverse market of individuals and lifestyles. From the everyday trendsetters spotted on urban, metropolitan streets, to public figures and high-caliber artists lining the pages of newspapers and glossy magazines, each piece created is designed especially with real people who live real lives in mind.

James Field moved to New York City from Pennsylvania in 2007. At just 23 years old, he is already on a rapid ascent to the heights of the fashion industry, all while studying Fashion Marketing and serving as an Assistant Editor of OWN Magazine. Beyond his work as a fashion journalist and scholar, Field gleefully boasts of his love for creating new things, innovating through design, and confesses to being a devoted enthusiast of all things art.

In 2007, Sergio Wonder received his degree in Fashion Marketing and Design from the American Intercontinental University of London. In 2009, after moving to NYC from his home in Miami, FL, the 24-year-old brought high hopes, superior craftsmanship, and keen ambition on becoming a Fashion Designer to the city and works tirelessly to make his dreams a wonderful reality. Though his background and experience are at home in womenswear, Wonder has found new love in menswear, as seen in his impeccable manner of personal dress and spectacular design capabilities.

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