Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


central saint martin's

Sergey Grechka is a young fashion designer specializing on modern smart fashion.
Exceptional quality and finest fabrics are main importance of his label. Amongst the strongest features of the label are experimental cut and sculptural look. Sergey Grechka is looking for inspiration in modern art and craft, he loves big volumes and vivid colors. His client is sophisticated, feminine, creative and curious. She does not seek to be the center of the attention, there is no two ways about it. She likes to be a little bit strange by remaining her colourful personality real.

Sergey is a Fashion Design Student at Central Saint Martin's College at his 2nd year. He went through the range of design projects which helped to build his fashion identity. Sergey concentrates research on such topics as life and death, mental problems, Sigmund Freud theories, madness, chaos, loneliness, etc.

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