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the university for the creative arts

Sejal Anujah Shah is a brand focused on refined couture quality attire for both every day and cherished occasions. Our bespoke clothing embodies heritage, unifying the Eastern and Western cultures and bringing together classic styles with a modern twist.

In today's fast paced world, it is vital to remember the importance of the refined, stylish and long lasting garments that can be made uniquely to fit each individual’s form and contours.

Promoting timeless elegance that helps every woman realise her personal style, Sejal Anujah Shah made-to-measure outfits that ensure every item fits each client perfectly, suiting every silhouette. Bespoke designs to encompass everything one desires from their creations, whether it be an everyday suit or a dream bridal gown.

Every creation is a hand crafted masterpiece, expressively designed and meticulously constructed with exceptional care, superior quality and attention to finer details.

The use of embroidery and other embellishment can allow for the elevation of styles from simple to sublime.

Presenting sophisticated ensembles that can be transferred from full outfits for special events to mix and match styles for everyday wear, we aim to create a symbiotic relationship between the styles of two opposite cultures.

Here at Sejal Anujah Shah our aim is to develop a following of habitué’s. Women that appreciate the notion of couture and love the idea of owning unique, “one of a kind” garments that epitomise their timeless individuality beyond compare.

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