Grey Sheep


St. James / Barbados


School of Advanced Study- University of London

Graduation year


Our Creative Director and Head Designer Isabelle Baulu is passionate about women and fashion. She believes in Sparkle, Champagne and the Healing Powers of the Sea. From her Island home in Barbados she creates swimwear and lingerie that inspire women, one-by-one to be confident and proud.

Isabelle is the President of the Fashion Coun- cil in Barbados with a decade of experience in the fashion industry. She is a public speaker for women's entrepreneurship and has been interviewed on international tv channels and her work has been featured in online and print magazines.

SeaReinas and NAKED intimates are island and women inspired. From her island home in Barbados to the music of the whistling frogs and the sight of palm trees blowing in the wind, she designs for the ever-evolving woman.

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