Academy Of Art And Design Institute, Fhnw In Basel


Academy of Art and Design Institute, FHNW in Basel

Freilager-Platz 1, Basel 4023, CH

The Institute specifies and encourages fashion as a function of overall perception especially with its many forms of body-related research and development. The educational goal is the formation of a comprehensive design praxis built upon a three-fold foundation: learning about different design techniques and methods, developing a human-oriented understanding of design and unfolding one’s own potential.

Through innovative approaches students and faculty embark on a voyage of design discovery and thereby pursue the question of how relevant visions of society incorporating urgent issues for the future can be considered and applied as fashion. Through the three perspectives of design – concept, collection and communication – students develop their own investigations in the context of a lively public exchange and professional environment during all developmental stages from initial concerns and ideas to the collection and its performative staging, throughout which design praxis and reflexion about contemporary everyday culture remain closely intertwined. 

Courses Overview: Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Bachelor of Doing Fashion
Master of Arts in Studio Fashion Design

Life in Basel

Switzerland is an excellent location for living, studying, and working. Its cultural variety, beautiful landscape, and innovative environment offer first-class surroundings for both personal well-being and career advancement.

It is one of the most competitive countries in the world and widely recognised internationally as a centre of excellence in education, research, and innovation. Great emphasis is placed on ensuring the autonomy of Swiss universities and researchers, on fostering competition and quality, and on encouraging a broad-minded outlook.

Switzerland’s small size has favoured the emergence of well-developed research and development networks, whose expertise is continuously implemented in the economy and society. At the same time, Switzerland is part of the global community and maintains a worldwide network of cooperations and partnerships in education and science.

Tuition and Scholarship Information

We do not offer grants or scholarships to international students studying with us. As a rule the fees for students attending the FHNW and domiciled in Switzerland or an EU country are CHF 700 per semester. By way of exception, fees for students attending the FHNW Academy of Music are CHF 800 per semester. For further information on fees click here.

Graduate Fashion Show 2014

Graduate Fashion Show 2015