Savannah Wyatt

Grey Sheep


brooklyn / united states


savannah college of art and design

Observer and lover of all things strange. I am inspired by everything around me, whether it be film, music, art, people, history or fiction.

She has the mind of an artist and humanitarian with the creativity and design elements that draws the fashion conscious to Mugler, Margiela, and Gaultier with the new-wave, Savannah Wyatt aesthetic. She creates a story that is a fusion of the Dark Ages with heavenly light and beauty that evokes a religious iconography linked to a bold, animalistic sexual liaison. Each piece sets the stage for the on-going trends that are featured in editorial print in Vogue and WWD, while she gets her point of view exposed to the world. The pieces are not only masterly crafted by Savannah's hands, but convey a statement of world meltdown that showcases mankind and societal standards, such as is depicted in her spiked crown of thorns or warrior flapper with fringe detail work.
Savannah Wyatt is fashion's new warrior princess. Lady Gaga and her Bad Romance video have taken notice of her sculptural elements and Rihanna also seems to be smitten with her untamed, classism.

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