Satu Maaranen

Grey Sheep


helsinki / finland


aalto university of art, design & architecture Helsinki

Graduation year


Since I was 6 years old I have studied art and later art education. I am always been interested in form, patterns and storytelling. I thought in fashion you could combine those.I am from Helsinki, Finland. I graduated from Aalto University this Christmas. Because of international mass production consumers are not appreciating high quality that much anymore and are not willing to pay for it. The level of timeless design and longlasting products are becoming more and more seldom.
Helsinki is very cool city at the moment. Helsinki has a lot to offer to its visitors nowdays. We have lots of interesting exhipition, bars, restaurants etc. The fashion scene in Helsinki has got new wave and it is super original.
It should tell more stories like it used to do. Nowdays there are too many fashionlabels designing just garments. Fashion should offer something you can dream off.
For me it would be interesting to move to Nyc or Paris. In both capitals there are many companies I would like to work in. Wouls be nice to offer finish design approach to those capitals. Both are original in different kind of way. New york needs more uncommercial abroach I think. Paris should be more experimental and going forward.
Aalto University is a school where we are all teached to find our own vision. The school itself is not famous for any specific style. All the fashion students are making totally different kind of collections. Some very minimalistic, some very experimental and artistic and some feminine or raw. Aalto university has got really wonderful knitting, printing , sewing and woving studios to work in. That’s the secret of Aalto universitys innovative collections. We are doing our materials and fabrics ourselves.I value more the craftsmanship and concept. If the story telling is strong the message goes true easily. Whit the old it is possible to create something new by adding contrast to it. The old craftsmanship is something I feel that is disappearing. Young designer generations should involve it more in their strong younger minded concepts.

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