Sarah Bruylant

Black Sheep


amsterdam / The Netherlands


amsterdam fashion institute (amfi)

Sarah Bruylant was born and raised in Belgium and moved to The Netherlands to study International Fashion and Design at AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute). She always has been a free electron. Her approach towards fashion is singular: she considers craftsmanship as an art and do not pay attention to the so called fashion rules (start a collection by creating a colour cards, having fabric samples,…). Her work is a compromise of feelings, emotion and passion with no regard nor influence towards what is happening nowadays in the fashion industry. Instead of concerning herself in defining what best fits her within the industry, she enjoys being a free creator and making things without restrictions.
Also, she believes our fashion industry is not working and does not cultivate enough the relationship between the owner and his garments while it is actually something which should be brought back to life.
To her such a relationship is only possible if garments are truly representing the personality and the style of the person owning it. These pieces of fashion should be unique and special to the eyes of their owners. Rebuilding this relationship has been a base to her graduation collection and is definitely something which she will be developing in the future.

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