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medellín / colombia


colegiatura colombiana de diseño

Graduation year


Santiago Útima is a young colombian fashion designer graduated from Colegiatura Colombiana de Diseño, during his studies he was selected twice to participate in Colegiatura Young Creators Runway in Colombia Fashion Week. He won The Arts of Fashion Scholarship Award in The Arts of Fashion Competition 2012, therefore, he took the Arts of Fashion Masterclass 2013 at Paris Decorative Art Museum. His pieces have gained 3 nominations to Lapiz de Acero the colombian award on design.

In 2014 he was invited to open the Colegiatura Young Creators Runway as a graduated designer, he defined SANTIAGO ÚTTIMA as a label that explores the retrofuturistic aesthetic involving science as a way to show the longing for childhood, the misión is to represent the future imagined in the past inspired by emotional science fiction as an invitation to adults to assume childhood as a way of relating to the world by using his pieces.

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