sanja stepanovic

Black Sheep


belgrade / serbia


belgrade university, faculty of aplied arts

Graduation year


Sanja Stepanovic is a fashion designer ,she started her work in Belgrade not a long time before graduating .
She graduated on Faculty of Applied Arts,on Department costume,studio contemporary fashion.
Sanja is one of the founders of Belgrade brand –Klasa- along with ten more colleagues
.Klasa was founded in 2012.
In October 2013 she won the Textil young designer award at Belgrade fashion week for collection along with Klasa brand and in same year they all together won Boris Nikolic award also in 2013.
In2014 she went on to win three more prizes an Elle fashion award,Bazart award and Grazia award also together with Klasa ,which was presented at Belgrade Fashion Week
Her primary creative inspiration is harmony , desire , beauty, drawing , painting , poetry , Baudelaire , rhythm and truth .
Through the medium of fashion design she is trying to provide her point of view about meeting of the fashion and life present and her personal thoughts progress.
The materials of which the clothes are made of are mostly the ones with different textures.
She enjoys for her achievements to live in balance of beauty and functionality .
Her work is currently exhibited in –Klasa- store in Visnjiceva street , Belgrade .

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