Sandra Zomer

Grey Sheep


arnhem / The Netherlands


ArtEZ university of art and design arnhem

Graduation year


Sandra Zomer studied Fashion Design at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands, where she successfully graduated with a bachelor degree in 2016. Her final collection ''illusive mind'' is inspired by the stimulus our senses are exposed to every day and how it effects the individual visual perception of reality. By playing with optical illusions it reveals the limits between reality and subjective perception, the composition of materials, and how they work together with the designs shape, is essential to it. As a designer Sandra Zomer is challenging herself to find new ways to create innovative textiles by using unforeseen materials and by finding new techniques to enable these textiles to strongly influence the shape of each design. The quality of craftsmanship is just as important to her in her work as is an eye for the distinctive detail.

2016 - The first price for best collection at the „Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT)“ in Beijing
2017 - Youngstar Award for best print design in Hamburg at the Fespa printing expo

Latest Collection