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SANDERMANN is a womenswear label based on a sustainable concept, using up-cycled waste materials and other ethical approaches to textile and fashion design. Behind the label is Danish designer Stine Sandermann, a graduate of the MA Sustainable Textile Design course at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, in London. During her BA and MA studies, she gained greater insight into the fashion industry – the world’s second most polluting industry next to the oil industry. It was then she chose to change her approach to designing and never go back to doing conventional fashion.

Our main focus lies on solid waste management both in regards to using waste materials as well as on creating as little waste ourselves as possible when producing. We spend a lot of time on sourcing and processing local, Danish materials and constructing zero waste patterns for our garments.

We believe that ethics are just as important as aesthetics and therefore the SANDERMANN design philosophy builds on the principle of a unique and fashionable statement for the daring and playful individual. A design from SANDERMANN is both practical and personal. A complete focus on detail, quality and craftsmanship is truly paramount.

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