Sanah Sharma

Grey Sheep


Chennai / india


pearl academy

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Conceptual, resilient and progressive best describe Sanah Sharma, a young designer and researcher in the sphere of innovative fashion design. Comprehensive understanding of traditional techniques infused with a modern perspective of evolving the design process has endowed her with several laurels. A gold medallist in Fashion Studies at the age of 18 underpinned her determination to pursue a career in fashion. While graduating from Pearl Academy with multiple awards, Sharma explored her ideologies that provided the framework for her own hybrid cutting technique that she aptly titled Planar Flux. A huge step forward in the world of creative pattern cutting for sustainable solutions, her technique gained steady momentum and recognition. Mentored by the famous Subtraction Cutting innovator Professor Julian Roberts of Royal College of Art (London), Sharma has been able to expand and improve upon her design strategies through successful collaborations, guest lectures and interactive research. In 2016, Planar Flux was incorporated into the official syllabus at Iowa State University in USA for Experimental Pattern Cutting. Sharma enjoys pushing the envelope and challenging her intellect to discover potentials in fashion while maintaining a strong focus on sustainable innovation as a key responsibility of the designer.

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