Sana Aloui

Grey Sheep


san francisco


the school of the art institute of chicago (saic)

Sana Aloui is a Chinese-Tunisian-American artist-designer currently living in the Bay Area. She received a BFA with a focus in Fashion and Textiles from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Sana creates textiles and garments that explore multiculturalism and liminal identity. She is interested in collaging image and fiber as a means of making cultural connections and examining society’s perception of identity and individuality. Her practice is based around the creation of textile and fabric through dyeing, weaving, felting, knitting and construction techniques. The study of traditional textile processes, clothing styles, and various ethnic groups have influenced her work greatly. She is fascinated by the Japanese aesthetic philosophy of wabi-sabi, as well as the imperfect, asymmetrical, and weathered. Sana's work explores her own identity as an international traveler and nomad, and seeks to understand notions of cultural identity and self.

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