Black Sheep


saint petersburg / russia


moscow state university

Graduation year


Razgulyaev Blagonravova is a boutique, high-end luxury shoe brand from Russia. Hailing from Saint-Petersburg, this niche shoe manufacturer draws on the rich artistic and aristocratic tradition of Russia’s Northern capital to produce distinctive wearable pieces of art to decorate your feet and brighten your mood.
RxB traditionally focuses on luxury home shoes, hand made in small batches from leather and carrying designs that pay homage to the artistic legacy of great painters that have made an impact in Russia and across Europe – such as Kazimir Malevich, Henri Matisse, Salvador Dali,Kirill Ovchinnikov and England’s pre-Raphaelite master William Morris.
The brand is inspired by a family story. Decades ago, the founder’s grandmother gave a pair of hand-sown home shoes to her husband to be. This grew into a family tradition, continued by the brand’s owner, Milla Razgulyaeva-Blagonravova, who has decided to share her family ritual with all those with a passion for beautiful shoes, a love of comfort, and an appreciation of the arts.
Already established as a well-recognized brand of home shoes, RxB is now bringing its unique artistic design and hand-made quality to a new range of shoes to be worn outdoors. RxB’s slippers, loafers and sneakers complement the home shoe collection and make sure that the great art stays with you throughout the day. It is sure to inspire you – and conversation around you - whether you are at home, meeting friends, having fun at a party.

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