ruta jaan

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Kaunas / lithuania


Kaunas University of Technology

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Ruta is a fashion designer from Lithuania, who grew up in a small town and dreamed about the fashion world since school. Jaan is her family surname abbreviation that has a meaning of unbreakable relations between her family women. These two names are a mix of a strong desire to create not boring clothes for lovers of timeless, unique and localy made pieces.

Ruta Jaan acquired a bachelor‘s degree of fashion engineering at Kaunas University of Technology. One semester she studied at ENSAIT, higher education school, in France specialized in fiber science and textile technology. Moreover, she was an intern at a fashion brand located in Spain and during this internship she was an assistant in the Fashion Scout event of London Fashion Week.

During her studies she created her first collection „Nude Garden“ which won the first place at the young designers competition. From this time Ruta Jaan, as a young fashion designer, presented her collections at different fashion shows in Lithuania and Latvia. Now she commits all her time on her brand and studies master‘s degree of marketing management, simultaneously.

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