Ruoyan Er

Grey Sheep



atlanta / united states

Ruoyan Er is an artist in the fashion realm, specializing in draping, garment construction, and textiles. With an MFA in Fashion earned in 2023, her career is as diverse as it is accomplished. she has made significant contributions to over 20 brands as a Freelance Designer. Her work has been featured in acclaimed publications and exhibitions, including Vogue. Passionate about exploring fabric texture and narrative, Ruoyan forms an intimate connection with fashion, believing it to be a profound bond with the wearer, akin to interpersonal relationships. As a storytelling designer, she skillfully uses design to convey emotions, serving as a visual language narrator. Her emotionally rich designs, infused with unique textures, transcend mere clothing, expressing profound meanings and representing a profound pursuit of wanderlust and emotion, injecting new vitality into the fashion world.

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