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basel / switzerland


esmod berlin

Graduation year


ROYAL BLUSH - accessories with a conscience. We are striving for high quality and exceptional materials, redefining the term luxury. This means for us finding a balance between design, quality and sustainability. Season by season we adapt moods and colours to ensure the organic growth of our collection, continuing to attract interest whilst managing to stay true to our signature. We call it POSITIVE LUXURY.

Sustainability means for us, the use of vegetable tanned leather and organic salmon skins, along with new life 18 karat gold. ROYAL BLUSH chooses since the beginning it's production depending on the history and tradition of the product. For our leather accessories and jewellery we therefore work within Europe, with its strong history in Italy for leather craft and Germany for jewellery crafting. With this decision we are supporting local handcraft as well as ensuring shorter shipping distances.

The older the product, the prettier it gets. Use, sun and rain change the shade of vegetable tanned leather as well as the brass buckles, creating an exceptional ‚patina’ through the natural surface. This peculiarity turns each of our products into a unique item - Timeless pieces for every woman’s wardrobe. Elementary, reduced and pure.

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