Rose Danford-Phillips

Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom


Royal College of Art - London

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United Kingdom

Contemporary womenswear designer Rose Danford-Phillips creates bold, painterly garments and accessories inspired by nature, for striking women with artistic flair and an appreciation for luxury.
Raised by a family of gardeners and artists, a love of the unrestrained, maximalist beauty of nature lies at the core of Rose’s work. Often in design, the wild, sublime power of nature is neutralised - seen most commonly in fashion where vibrant, sexual flowers become insipid florals, repeating the same historical motifs over and over. In our modernity, we have inoculated ourselves against the richness and beauty of nature in favour of pallid fakes, and so in her work, Rose seeks to address this and truly portray nature in its glory as it should be.

In her clothes, Rose expresses nature in a truthful, personal way - the beauty of wild movement, colour, complexity and the teeming life it holds. Inspired by this emotional reaction, Rose seeks a return to meaningful ornament and decoration in her clothes by fusing nature with fashion and art. Vivid collaged prints are the foundation of every collection - Rose sources imagery from 16th century Dutch flowers and portrait paintings, 18th century scientific botanical illustrations, modern photographs and her own abstract paintings, and merges them seamlessly into bold artworks. Her artworks are applied to luxurious silks, eco-friendly organic cottons and sumptuous velvets to create garments that are both beautiful and practical for the modern woman.

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