Rory Andrew

Grey Sheep


glasgow / United Kingdom


North Glasgow College

Main Manufacturing Countries

United Kingdom

At the age of 16, Rory began studying Fashion Design at North Glasgow College. After graduating in 2011, Rory took part in the 2011 World Skills competition in London and in early 2012 Rory began working at Saint Laurent. Working closely with Mr Slimane for his entire tenure at Saint Laurent, leaving in 2016.

The Brand

Using Couture techniques and British craftsmanship to bring a high-end fashion house to Scotland. Encapsulating the history, beauty and romance of Scotland, as a unique part of Britain, with a modern sensibility. Merging past and present with elegance and youthful spirit. Making full use of the high-quality wool and fabrics for which Scotland is famous. Creating a coherent wardrobe of men’s and women’s pieces with a timeless elegance and quality made to be worn for a lifetime.

The Company

Rory Andrew founded the company Andrew Cowen Scott Limited, known as “Rory Andrew” in late 2016, taking the time building the foundations of the company and brand. Based in Glasgow, Scotland which is a creative hub for all creative art, deign and music.

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