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ifm - institut français de la mode

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Romane Glandier is a French Fashion Designer based in Paris. Recently graduated from IFM, after a Fashion Design Bachelor at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, and a strong background in visual arts, her last collection ‘Chainsuck’ highlights her vision of fashion within the world.
The visually sensitive eye on her world and environnements could only be sources of inspirations since early age. Self-taught, the wide range of garments and accessories designs created, and the accidentality concepts have led to a unique way of working that inspires until the last stages of creation.

‘’Fashion to me is an endless translation of our era, a novel writing that, in so many levels, is strongly poetic. My work is not only for people to express who they are but as well to incarnate boldness, a world and self conscious style.
Being anchored in my era and the nervous tissu of social classes within its urban ecosystem, which I narrate with self expression, gives my work an aim to re-write a drippingly unapologetical reality and a violently sensual sense of style. ‘’

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