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ROF was founded by designers Carmen and Selina Sutherland and are based in Lagos, Nigeria. The womenswear collection features unique and luxurious pieces with strong, clear colors and bold signature points that offer a sophisticated look appropriate for Lagos, Paris and New York alike.

“We are one of the first out-of-Africa contemporary womenswear brands offering consumers a unique mix of high-quality, sophisticated products that tell a story and make a multi-cultural statement through design, fabric, color and prints.”
- Carmen Sutherland

ROF is becoming particularly known for its rich, colorful and exotic prints that use African design inspirations and special fabrics, mixed with an innovative modern look, which makes the ROF brand stand apart in the contemporary global women’s clothing market. The Sutherland sisters offer quality craftsmanship through their own print design and development, which is influenced both by their Nigerian cultural background along with their training at Parson’s The New School for Design in New York.
The line includes a large combination of dresses, blouses, tops, skirts, pants, and outerwear that provide dynamic mix-and-match possibilities.

“We offer a one-stop wardrobe for the globally-conscious woman that emphasizes a fit-oriented approach with a contemporary look that is appropriate for wear at home, at work, for special events, on travel, and abroad. Our collections are easy and laid-back, but with attention to detail and quality, and an emphasis on sophisticated style...ROF is a lifestyle brand that can be worn in many different ways, and we love how women style our clothes in so many diverse combinations. With our modern, multi-cultural feel, we have solutions for everyone,” she said.
- Selina Sutherland

The ROF customer is a global girl who is looking for a chic outfit that can help her make a statement, whether during a spur-of-the-moment business meeting in London, lunch in Paris, a vacation in Thailand, or a visit to friends in New York or Los Angeles. She is as comfortable with airlines as she is with taxi-cabs, wants a chic wardrobe wherever she travels, and often is looking for stand out pieces that address all aspects of her day and night.

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