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rockah. was established in 2019 by Roxana Romanenko whose expertise covers several professions: gemmologist, jewellery professional and luxury consultant. For her collections, Roxana aims to design and manufacture unique artisanal pieces inspired by the Renaissance and cultural heritage of the humanity, its love for harmony, natural materials, and rich mythological universe. Rockah explores the Renaissance heritage and offers a range of pieces with Latin inscriptions and symbolic meanings.
The Renaissance put the Man at the center of everything, celebrated beauty and individual artistic expression. In our age of mass production, Rockah strives to contribute to the continuation of artisanal jewellery and incorporates a variety of ancient techniques to manufacture astounding pieces. Instead of ubiquitous industrially produced products Rockah offers handmade creations. Each piece is thus a tribute to the old masters. All pieces are hand made from natural materials - bronze, high-quality freshwater cultured pearls of various sizes and shapes, porcelain and terracotta - the same used by the earliest jewellers.
The Renaissance allowed people to rediscover Antiquity and led to the rebirth of the arts and sciences. Today, Rockah jewellery allows you to have a glimpse of and be a part of the Renaissance in the 21st century.

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