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london / United Kingdom


estonian academy of arts

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Riina O is a handmade luxury leather accessories brand, specializing in hand-stitched leather gloves. Part of the slow fashion movement, the brand’s core philosophy is to follow and maintain sustainable business practice, using high quality materials sourced in Europe and keeping production local. The creative goal is to carry on the craft of hand-stitching, while combining with modern technological advantages, with high attention to detail.
Riina O draws inspiration from Vintage styles, finding ideas among architecture, nature, art and filmography.
Alongside the main seasonal collections of couture gloves, Riina O also offers bespoke commissioning service for private clients, as well as producing specially designed pieces for commercial and editorial purposes.
Riina Õun is the creative director and the head glove maker at Riina O. Trained as a leather accessories designer at the Estonian Academy of Arts, Riina has gained plentiful experience working with a selection of fashion and accessories brands in London over past seven years. She has worked as a glove maker for a number of well known designers.
Riina O gloves are regularly showcased on the catwalk as part of collaborations with the designers, for example at London Fashion Week with Jean-Pierre Braganza, Vita Gottlieb, Mariana Jungmann, etc. Riina O gloves have appeared in various publications - including Phoenix, Drama, Stylenoir magazines, among others, as well as online and in international press.

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