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istituto marangoni

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“RICOSTRU”, was founded by a team of innovative designers under “Manchit Au Design Space”, which is belongs to a Chinese fashion designer - Manchit Au, in 2011. Ricostruzione - the origin of the name of our brand in Italian, has a meaning of reconstruction, which is also the concept behind “RICOSTRU”, it not only reflects the faith of its team in developing the brand and determination to become timeless; it also represents the uniqueness of ideas in each and every individual as well as the power of construction. The philosophy of the design is “Return”, returning to the essential of clothing “Caring”. The garments are comfortable to touch yet rich in detail, ordinary yet sophisticated to spread the word of “Love” and “Care”. The main theme is “Luxury Basic”. The timeless style present a fresh, simple and elegant look and sophisticated taste to it with an emphasis on detail, tailoring and quality.

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