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Grey Sheep


Mount Clemens / united states

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united states

Artist and Designer Rich Wright has created each piece of jewelry with a piece of his soul infused into it. Every design is created from inception by his hand through illustration to finished metal and being tapped in and aware of source energy allows him to channel immense inspiration into each piece. All pieces are created from .925 Sterling Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Rich, wanted to delve into the true alchemical components of jewelry as a means to bring forth the healing properties of the metals and stones used.
At its base level, the purpose of alchemy was to "transmute" something lesser into its greatest version. Rich is doing this with each piece that is created. His unique design and boldness invoke the greatest version of the power of the piece. The story behind the piece invokes the greatest version of the person wearing it and the intrinsic properties that it will bestow on the individual.

Rich’s hope is that each piece will allow the energy that flows through him as he creates, will enhance the lives of all that wear each of his unique designs.

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